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Bringing Christ to Those in Need

San Pedro Mission Parish, Teotepeque

San Pedro Apostle Catholic Church is a mission parish in El Salvador ministered by the Cleveland Diocese. Based in Teotepeque, a small farming community situated in the mountains near the Pacific Ocean, San Pedro Parish serves as a hub for missionary outreach to more than 26 local communities up and down the coast. 

In addition to providing pastoral care to thousands of Salvadorans, our outreach includes a parish school and clinic, housing and water projects, scholarship programs, pre- and post-natal nutrition care, and much more. 

More About Us

Learn more about the rich history of Cleveland's connection in El Salvador. 


Going as far back as 1964 Cleveland missionaries have been spreading the Gospel life and message despite poverty, civil war, and gang violence.   


Read the stories of those who have served and visited in Teotepeque.

Witness the amazing stories of faith and perseverance of the people in El Salvador and the effect it had on those who came to serve them.   


The mission at San Pedro would not exist without your help and prayers.


Please consider making a charitable donation to support the mission and  people of Teotepeque.

Missionary Outreach Programs

As missionaries we take service seriously.

Check out just some of these life changing outreach programs.

Housing for the Poor

Through the organization Operation Rescue Inc., the Cleveland Mission has built more than 100 homes for the poorest of the poor in numerous local communities. 

School, Clinic, and Scholaships

The Parish School and Clinic provide access to quality education and healthcare in a situation where neither are readily available to the typical Salvadoran family.

Fresh Water Initiative

Access to clean drinking water is cost prohibitive in El Salvador. Our Fresh Water Initiative, led by St. Albert the Great, provides affordable safe drinking water for local area schools.

Check if your local parish has a Mission Group.
You can also contact existing parish teams at St. Rita, St. Albert the Great, St. Joseph, or Holy Angels. 
Or you can call the Diocesan Mission Office at:
(216) 696-6525 ext. 4240.
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